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Proulx Mfg., Inc. has been producing Universal™ Trimmer Heads to O.E.M. trimmer manufacturers for over 35 years. Proulx Mfg., Inc. leads the industry in innovation and quality products for professional and consumer use.

From the original Universal™ Twist Feed Manual Head, to Cyclotron™ Technology Trimmer Heads of tomorrow today, Proulx Mfg, Inc. is the only manufacturer of heads that never need splitting to load and/or unload a line. We have more patented coverage than any other trimmer head manufacturer worldwide.


Standard Heads

These trimmer heads have been favorites for more than 35 years, simple to operate with reliability and durability for any application.


Swift Load™ Heads

Load the line into trimmer head in seconds. Simply insert a length of line into the eyelets on the side of the trimmer head and twist the line onto the spool. One quick snip and you're ready to use your trimmer.


Swift Load™ with Never Split™ System

Proulx Mfg. has revolutionized the technology of the trimmer head forever. With its patented Never Split System™ there is no need to ever split the trimmer head to replace or remove line. This head is simple to operate with reliability in performance.


Swift Load™ Fixed Line Head and Tri-Blades

Extremely user-friendly heads are easy to operate for light and heavy duty jobs.